E-Commerce Search Optimization

Billions of people use search engines - especially Google - to buy high-quality products and services each day. Yes, you may have the best products and the best prices in the world, but if people can't find your e-store online, it's as if it didn't exist!


Almost 70% of Internet users decide to buy something after running a Google search, and then evaluating the top 10 results. I'd like to tell you that many of them take the time to verify the first 100 search results before making the purchase, but that would be a plain lie.

So, how do you get your e-commerce site listed on Google's first search results page for as many keywords as possible? Everything starts with having optimized landing pages for each keyword that interests you. If you sell eyeglasses, you should have dedicated pages for men's glasses, women's glasses, kids' glasses, sunglasses, etc.

All these landing/product pages must be supported by relevant articles such as "How to find the best lens options for your eyeglasses". Then, product descriptions must be optimized, with the goal of increasing click-through rates. If this sounds too complex, don't worry; our team can help with research and content creation as well.

Now that your optimized content is in place, it's time for outreach! We will contact relevant industry sites, asking them to review your articles. Some of their webmasters will post links to your content on their sites, and this will improve your e-store's authority, making it rank higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and so on.